The Wand & OraVerse

The Wand novocaine system


At Cranberry Dental Studio our mission is to give patients a great experience every time they visit. We know how daunting going to the dentist can be which is why we use The Wand to administer novocaine during dental procedures. The Wand is a small, light-weight hand piece that resembles a pen. It is attached to a computer controlled system that allows for an even flow delivery of novocaine to the patient. The Wand offers a more contained numbness to the area being treated and eliminates the “sting” of a traditional syringe, resulting in a painless experience.


Do you have something important after your appointment? Whether it’s a work meeting or a social obligation following your visit, we can reverse your numbness using Oraverse! As a courtesy, we can use this reversal to get rid of your numbness much quicker. By drastically reducing the effects of local anesthetics our patients are able to eat, drink, and speak normally shortly after their appointment.

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