Bite Reconstruction


solving the mysteries of
complex bite issues

Solving the mysteries of complex bite issues is something few dentists are trained to do. It takes years of continuing education as well as hands-on training to master the techniques and skill set required to reconstruct a patient’s bite. At Cranberry Dental Studio we help patients “find” their true bite position by applying the techniques of physiological dentistry. Using technology that allows us to measure stable muscle ability, we can “find” a bite that has been lost or collapsed from grinding, clenching, orthodontics, or prior crowns and bridge treatment.

The collapse of the bite can cause unnecessary strain in the TMJ, temporal muscles that causes headaches, ringing in the ears, and neck pain. Once a physiological bite has been found and tested the patient can be restored in that proper position permanently with beautiful, ideal proportions and esthetics. The team at Cranberry Dental Studio has extensive training and knowledge in this field of study, logging well over 2,000 hours of training at the Las Vegas Institute to provide these services. They can help patients understand problems that get little to no attention otherwise.

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