Before and after fillings photos Metal-Free Fillings At Cranberry Dental Studio our mission is to offer patients with the best options for their teeth. We only use mercury-free, resin fillings. This tooth-colored filling material (aka ‘composite’) provides a superior alternative to silver amalgam fillings for a number of reasons:

1. Composite fillings are adhesively bonded to the tooth which helps to decrease the likelihood of fractures and cracks of the tooth itself. By gluing the filling in, forces that cause cracks can be absorbed through the filling by the whole tooth. Silver fillings do not offer any continuity in force-absorption because there is no actual bond with the tooth. They are simply packed into the space with no adhesive. The longer a silver filling is in a tooth, the more fracturing of the natural tooth occurs.

2. Silver amalgam fillings are comprised of a mixture of metals, including liquid mercury and powdered alloy. While we all know that physically handling liquid mercury is not a good idea, the safety of mercury in amalgam fillings has been a point of contention among different groups of dentists for many years. Recent studies have brought the methods for measuring heavy metal toxicity in patients suffering from neurological conditions under scrutiny, raising a legitimate concern. When composite fillings offer a safer, healthier alternative, why consider anything else?

3. Composite fillings look dramatically better than silver fillings! They come in a variety of shades, allowing us to accurately match the filling and bring that tooth back to it’s natural beauty!

Metal-Free Fillings and Crowns

In addition to metal-free fillings, we also offer metal-free crowns.

Visit our page on crowns and bridges to learn more:

Porcelain Crowns & Bridges