Patient: Dorin Dickerson
Dentistry: Dr. Brian Klaich
Treatment: Zoom! Whitening, 8 porcelain restorations (4 crowns, 4 veneers), gum recontouring, a bite guard to wear at night

Hi, my name is Dorin Dickerson, I am originally from Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, former NFL player, and I’m here at Cranberry Dental Studio.

What originally made you choose Cranberry Dental Studio?
I had a little relationship with Dr. Brian from myself being a former Pitt football player, he supports Pitt, we made the connection and started talking through the internet and it brought me here. It was a no brainer for both of us. He consulted me on what I needed done, it all made sense and now look, I mean I am so confident and so happy with everything that has transpired in the last couple months and I’m so excited to be able to smile and have confidence behind it.


What would you say to someone considering cosmetic dentistry?
I would say take a look at Cranberry Dental Studio because it is not a procedure, it is the easiest transition of getting new teeth done that I’ve ever been a part of and I’m sure anyone’s ever been a part of. It’s exciting, it’s fun. You are going to be so happy with the ending results, you are going to be so happy with the atmosphere, so happy with the culture that has been built here, that you will feel that you just want to come back to say hi to everybody after your procedures are done. This is an unbelievable place and an unbelievable experience and I would honestly tell everyone to come here and check it out.


What was your experience like at Cranberry Dental Studio?
The first day I walked in here I was just blown away. This is like a resort. Everybody is so excited and happy and the atmosphere here is so contagious. It didn’t feel like I was getting dental work done every time I walked in, it felt like I was almost a part of the family, it felt like I was having fun. It was a truly exciting experience. I would tell anybody that is looking to get dental work done to take a look at Cranberry Dental Studio. Take a drive here and experience what I have experienced. It was just unbelievable.


How has your smile makeover impacted your life?
It’s only been about a month now and I get people coming up to me all the time saying how nice my smile is and ‘wow, look at your teeth!’. I’ve never had that happen. I had spaces between my teeth and as I’ve said before dealing with issues with football and chipping my teeth out. Now I have so much confidence. I used to smile and not show my teeth. Now I have to catch myself without showing my teeth and then show my teeth whenever I smile to people. The confidence level is through the roof and I’m just excited. Now I’m settling into my face, settling into my new smile and I like it more and more as the days go on.


What was your motivation for cosmetic dentistry?
I’ve had issues with my teeth for a long time. With playing football, I had an accident my senior at Pitt, knocked a couple of teeth out. That was 10-12 years ago and ever since then I’ve had issues with my teeth and having to repair them, them chipping out, things of that nature. It brought me to Cranberry Dental Studio and what an experience I’ve had. It was awesome that I got in contact with Dr. Brian and I am just so happy with everything that has transpired since then.


What type of treatment did you have completed?
I had my 8 front teeth done and I needed all them. They caused me not to smile and I was very, very self-conscious of how I smiled with anything I was doing. Now I have the freedom to smile. Now I have the freedom to be confident everywhere I go. The front 8 are amazing and I hope to get some more done in the future.

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