Pure Power Mouthguard

Cleanings What’s the difference between performance and optimal performance? Quite a lot, actually!

Performance-enhancing mouthwear places you in your optimal bite which can improve your flexibility and change your game. Using computerized neuromuscular equipment and techniques (such as T Scans and K7 Scans), Dr. Brian and Dr. Rob can determine where your optimal bite is. The optimal bite puts your jaw in the position for maximum muscular action potential and increases your ability to perform.
pure power mouthguard helps with your optimal bite
In a landmark study at Rutgers University, athletes showed significant improvement using the PPM across a number of athletic parameters. Whether it’s on the field, on the ice, or on the court, there is a potential within you waiting to be unleashed!

Unlike many mouth guards, the Pure Power Mouthguard is designed for the individual. Measurements, impressions and photographs of your teeth are sent to the laboratory, after receiving the finished product it is checked to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

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